VakıfBank hosts Sarajevo Volleyball School students

VakıfBank General Manager and VakıfBank Sports Club President Üstünsalih visited students



18 young athlete candidates from VakıfBank Volleyball School in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, came to Istanbul to participate the youth team selections. VakıfBank General Manager and Sports Club President Abdi Serdar Üstünsalih visited the students and wished them success.

Üstünsalih said, “We strengthened the deep-rooted friendship with Bosnia and Herzegovina with a new bond in the field of sports. We are very happy to get these great results.”


3 times FIVB Club World Championship and 4 times CEV Champions League champion VakıfBank’s volleyball school in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to get the rewards of hard work. Eighteen young athlete candidates who have been training at VakıfBank Volleyball School-Sarajevo, came to Istanbul to attend the youth team selections. 18 successful girls, out of 65 candidates studying at Sarajevo school, attended the camp in Istanbul to join VakıfBank's Youth Team. After the selections, selected athletes will continue their trainings and education in Turkey.


VakıfBank General Manager and VakıfBank Sports Club President Abdi Serdar Üstünsalih met with girls at the beginning of the camp period.


At the event held in VakıfBank Spor Sarayi, Üstünsalih said, “VakıfBank Volleyball School-Sarajevo, which we established in 2018, has covered significant distances in a short time. With this initiative, which is the first Turkish volleyball school abroad, we strengthened the friendship of the two countries with a new bond in the field of sports. We promised that we would bring our successful students to Turkey and introduce them to the world of volleyball. Today is the first step of our promise.”


“Our youth team system adds value to volleyball”

Üstünsalih continued his speech underlining the importance of youth team system as follows:


“The secret of VakıfBank's long-term success is to have one of the best youth team systems in all around the world. We consider our youth team as a school that adds value not only to our team but also to the volleyball world. We create opportunities for all talented girls. Today, in the Turkish national team, there are 5 players from the VakıfBank Youth Team. We continue to work with the same system in both Sarajevo and Turkey. We follow the work of our coaches at schools. We closely monitor the physical, mental and technical development of all our girls. We trust every single one of them and do all the necessary things to support their development.”


65 students study in Sarajevo school

VakıfBank Volleyball School-Sarajevo is opened on 14 December 2018. Thus, VakıfBank became the first club to open a volleyball school abroad. VakıfBank’s Sarajevo school hosts 65 students born between 2005-2012.


VakıfBank has 7 volleyball schools

Along with Sarajevo, VakıfBank has seven volleyball schools, two in Istanbul, two in Ankara, one in Izmir and one in Bursa. In these schools, girls are trained by expert and experienced coaches. Students who show sufficient persistence and discipline are given a certificate of participation and also selected talented students are accepted to the VakıfBank Youth Team.