VakıfBank is the champion for the 12th time in Turkish League


VakifBank Women's Volleyball Team became the champion for the third consecutive and the 12th time in total, with the cancellation of the third match in the Turkish League Play-Off Final, where it was ahead 2-0. The yellow and black team, which won the third consecutive championship and the 12th in total, won 54 of 56 games in the Turkish League in last two seasons and won the 31st trophy in its 35-year history.


VakıfBank General Manager and VakıfBank Sports Club President Abdi Serdar Üstünsalih: “We are happy to complete the Turkish League as the champion for the 12th time. Our girls, who won 54 of 56 games played in the last two years and finished the season as the leader with 87 points, deserved this championship all the way. I would like to thank our players, coaches and staff who made us feel this pride for the third time in a row. I would also like to thank our supporters who support us, our supporters, our sponsors and of course the VakifBank community. We have completed one of our stories that were left unfinished due to the pandemic last year. We accept this trophy not only as a result of this year, but also as a result of the last year.


It was a hard and though season for all teams. We were deeply saddened by our valuable opponent, Fenerbahce, who could not play the last game due to Covid cases. We wish all players and the staff a speedy recovery. We would have wanted to win another victory in the series where we are 2-0 ahead and reach the cup. I hope we will continue our competition on medical days starting from next season. I wish our 12th championship to be beneficial and I would like to thank those who contributed to the VakıfBank community. "


VakifBank Coach Giovanni Guidetti: “First of all, I send my get well wishes to Fenerbahce players and staff who are in the treatment process. I congratulate my players, technical, medical and performance staff for their excellent performance over the past two years. In the league, we lost only two game in two years. This performance we have shown in such a tough league is a pride. Since 2018, we have not left the championship to anyone. While doing this, we changed many players. It is also pleasing for us to ensure the sustainability of success.


Of course I would like to continue playing hard matches before the Champions League final. I am also very happy with our performance in the two games in the final. The first match was very hard and tough. In the second match, my team managed to win the game, while most of the staff, including me, was absent. It was not an easy task to win the final 2-0 against a strong opponent. I'm proud of my team, not just for the play-off series, but for the two tough years that have passed. We won this championship as a team and got what we deserved. "



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