I Learn New Things Everyday

VakifBank Women's Volleyball Team's Swedish Setter Isabelle Haak made special statements for the Sabah Newspaper:


  • What was the difference between the Eczacıbaşı game you lost in the Super Cup and the last Turkish League you won in the league?  What has changed and you beat Eczacıbaşı without giving a set?

We have had much more time together to get to know each other and find our way to play. The supercup was just in the beginning of the season and I really feel like with the time we’ve have we really found our game. Also after China we definitely stepped up our game and I believe that’s the biggest change. We found a new great team spirit.

  •  What were your expectations when coming to VakıfBank?  Are you satisfied with your experience?

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my start here in VakifBank, it’s a great club and I have only good things to say. I never developed as much as now and I feel like a completely new player. I learn so many new things every day and I’m lucky to have so amazing teammates. 

  • VakıfBank entered a renewing process.  You are one of the most important parts of this new structure with your young age.  What do you think of this season?

For sure we had a tough start, it’s always like that with a new team. Already you can see we start to improve more and more and I really believe we have a lot more to give! 

  • Did you ever practice on the match day also before working with Guidetti?  How do you feel to work with himself?

Yes I always had practice same day of game also I’m my last clubs so there’s no difference there. I feel really good working with him, already after so little time I feel so different in my game, in a good way of course. He can see so many things and he is very excited to teach new things when he see potential in improvement. 

  •  There was an excellent VakıfBank in the Imoco match at the Club World Championship.  But what happened after 14-10?  

I think we showed up great volleyball against Conegliano, of course it didn’t end the way we wanted. We learn from this game and I think we will be more determined next time if that happens again. Already we showed against Kaliningrad we can. 

  •  How did you find Istanbul?

Istanbul is a very big and nice city, much bigger than I’m used too. It’s very interesting and I’m excited to see many more things that I haven’t had time to discover yet. I’m happy to live here, there’s always something you can do and I love to go to restaurants by the water ! 

  • What's your style?

I would say my style is pretty basic, I like to dress up a little when there’s occasion for it since I mostly wear my volleyball clothes.

  • Your favorite color?

Favourite colour is blue.

  •  Your favorite movie?

Don’t have a favourite movie.. but I love romantic movies!


  • Your favorite music, band, song?

I love listening to music, tried to play guitar once but didn’t go as well as I wanted. Favourite artist is James Arthur , I listen to pop mostly.



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