• 6
  • Kübra Akman

  • DATE1994
  • HEIGHT197 cm
  • POSITIONMiddle Blocker



Kübra Akman was born in 13.10.1994 in Bursa- Osmangazi, Turkey. The young player started volleyball at the age of 12 in Nilüfer Belediyesi Sports Club. She became a player of Senior Team when she was 15.The young middle blocker who was transferred to VakıfBank in 2012, played on loan in Nilüfer Belediyesi for a year. During the same season, while at VakıfBank Junior Team where she played for was ranked 1st in the Turkish Championship. Akman, was later included to play at VakıfBank’s Senior Team for the 2013-2014 seasons.

With Junior Turkish National Team, she became World and Europe Champions, and also they were ranked 2nd in Balkan Championship. She also participated for the Youth National Team when they became Europe Champion, 5th in the World and Balkan Champion. 


  • 2014 European League MVP
  • 2015 Turkish League The Best Middle Blocker
  • 2015 FIVB U23 World Championship The Best Middle Blocker


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