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VakıfBank Sports Club volleyball school continues its activities with the aim of educating individuals who are beneficial to society and talented athletes in Turkish volleyball, and continues its activities in the first week of September every season until June. The primary aim of our schools is to provide physical and social development of our children as well as to train athletes to our youth academy and then to our A team.

VakıfBank volleyball schools operate in Bağlarbaşı (VakıfBank Spor Sarayı) in Istanbul and Ataşehir, in Batıkent and Yaşamkent in Ankara, Nilüfer in Bursa, Yahya Kaptan in Izmit and Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Sports candidates at VakıfBank volleyball schools have the opportunity to receive training from experienced and experienced coaches. In our schools where girls between various age groups are accepted, students who demonstrate sufficient continuity and discipline are given a certificate of attendance. The candidates who receive basic volleyball training are included in VakıfBank youth academy teams and may be part of the competing teams.

The students who receive a total of 120 hours of volleyball training for 10 months, including 2.5 hours at the end of every week, according to age groups, have the chance to participate in tournaments and events organized throughout Istanbul, Ankara, Izmit, Bursa and Sarajevo and thus can develop their ability to take responsibility as a part of a team.

For further information, please contact club officials from the following contact details.